Outdoor Movie Screens

So much more than just any inflatable movie screen. AIRSCREEN® guarantees the highest quality, as originally invented in 1994, and improved with time and experience.

inflatable movie cinema screen airscreen hire

Easy setup. A perfect projection screen.

AIRSCREEN® quality sets the industry standard. Beautiful to look at with a stretched, tight, wrinkle-free professional seamless screen surface.

World’s Leading Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

AIRSCREEN® inflatable movie screens entertain audiences under the stars in 60 countries. From 12’ to 80’ wide, every AIRSCREEN® projection screen puts on a big show.

Unrivaled Ease

Set up a 20’ screen in 20 minutes. The favorite of professional outdoor cinema operators. Endorsed by parks, hotels/resorts, film festivals, governments, studios, and sports venues sponsored events, and more.

Amazing Performance and Value

Patented features and field-tested designs make AIRSCREEN® tough as a beast but a beauty to operate. Our seamless screen surface stays flat and stable in wind up to 24 mph.